Art-math-interaction. Welcome to the world of Studio Fluffy.

Studio Fluffy—Gesellschaft für Kunst und angewandte Mathematik UG (Society for Art and Applied Mathematics UG) was founded in the spring of 2020, with the goal of developing new forms of machine-based interaction.

Our focus is on narrating, designing and modelizing – which we do by combining creative methods with the latest technologies and simplifying it all through the use of machines. So that functions grow into experiences. And complex interrelationships can be presented in easy-to-grasp forms. We’re the experts at making abstract data come to life.

In 2020, Studio Fluffy was awarded the “Ideenstark” (great ideas) prize by the MFG (media and film society) Baden-Württemberg.

Our expertise around the interplay between design and computing just keeps expanding. Since Studio Fluffy was founded, we’ve taken part in developing the following projects:

Little Lisu (2021)

Little Lisu Game

Little Lisu is a mobile game that appeals to children from the age of six. In a lovingly designed world, players put their dexterity to the test. Artificial life technology is used to bring the picture book world alive.

Peloton (started in 2020, ongoing)

Peloton Game Concept

In Peloton, players compete in an annual bike race that takes place in a small fictional town in Germany between 1930 and 1944. To obtain the bike parts they need, players must cooperate with the local population while at the same time responding to the growing influence of the Nazi regime.

The concept was awarded a prize by the Stiftung Digitale Spielkultur (Digital Games Culture Foundation). In its decision, the jury highlighted the game’s particularly innovative combination of dynamic change simulation and principles of game mechanics.

NZONE (2020 ongoing)

Touchscreen Plasmonic

With funding from the Volkswagen Foundation, and in collaboration with nano researchers from IPF Dresden and didactics experts from TU Dresden, Studio Fluffy is developing a multimodal learning environment whose goal is to make nano cosmos phenomena accessible to students.

Liquid Dance (2020/21)

Data Visualization VR

We’re developing an immersive representation of a volcanic eruption in virtual reality. For this project, we’re collaborating with the Dr. Bernhard Vogel research group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Meta Racer (2020/21)

Meta Racer Concept Art

Meta Racer is going to be a novel procedural multiplayer racing game. In an artistically designed world, the race track itself will turn into the player, dynamically changing its course and providing fresh game experiences.

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